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Kind Words from Clients

Hear What Others Had To Say About Get Joyful Hypnotherapy

Hear What Others Had To Say About Get Joyful Hypnotherapy

Hear What Others Had To Say About Get Joyful Hypnotherapy
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5  Star Review from Rachel C

5 Star Review from Rachel C

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5 Star Review from Bill B

5 Star Review from Bill B

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5-Star Review by Sean K

5-Star Review by Sean K

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From Stephanie.

Hi Susan,

Not sure if you remember me, but I came to you almost 2yrs ago now, I think. Wanting to say a big thank you! You ended up guiding me to my Lemurian lifetime and it has evolved and brought me so many gems in this lifetime, mainly knowing who I really am and a further awakening/ consciousness of my gifts. I started to trust my inner guidance/ spiritual team much more and let them/ me lead me towards a wonderful blossoming of energetic work and animal communication.


I now work as a vet nurse and am in love with my "day job" and also further pursued animal communication- taking courses, learning more about this innate gift and have since done/ do animal communication sessions with people and their beloved fur babies. 


I was also shown a symbol during that lifetime in your office that confirmed my truth of love, hope, faith and spirit. I've since had this tattooed on me (lol) as a marker/ initiation of this lifetime. My access to/ communication with spirt and other dimensional realities is an integrated daily part of my life. My journey and learning is continuously evolving and although I "knew' prior to seeing you about this lifetime, I had never experienced it the way I did until you helped guide me there. 


Thank you, I am so very grateful and appreciate you. 


How are you and your 2 little furry babies? Sending love 



Gina. This was such a beautiful experience! I was concerned that I would not be able to be hypnotized, but Sue is so reassuring, and clear, it felt totally safe, and effective. The changes I’m experiencing in my life after sessions with Sue are so very profound. I’m so grateful for this experience. If you’re open to change, growth, and healing, this is well worth it.*


Amy. I can not express enough gratitude or positive feedback towards Susan and her work! It has truly changed my life over a short period of time and I hope for everyone to experience that same feeling. Years of other methodologies and therapies had provided improvements but they were slow, minimal and temporary. It was beginning to seem hopeless and never ending! Just a few sessions with Susan led to the finding and release of self sabotaging behaviors which allowed me to find hope and the joy in life again. It was clear upon meeting Susan that she genuinely cares about helping people and believes whole heartedly in the process of healing. Her intuitive guidance and knowledge made my first hypnotherapy experience comfortable, peaceful and enriching beyond what I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend anyone considering or on the fence in making an appointment to just do it! You will not regret it. Thank you Susan!!*

Kelly G.  My session with Susan was an amazing experience!  I went there feeling sad, fatigued, worried, and anxious. I was not feeling like myself, almost lost within a sea of stress and worries.  She guided me through a peaceful scene where I started to feel a sense of calm and tranquility.  In this deep state, I felt like nothing else mattered, just breathing and how nice it felt. After the session, I felt like myself again.  I felt happy, energized, and like anything positive is possible.  During the week I was stronger and confident. Anything negative or the heaviness on me was lifted.  I was also able to focus at work!  I can’t wait for another session with Susan!  Highly recommended!*

Maria B.  I met with Susan to see if hypnosis would help me find a lost object. I found out so many things about myself as a result. Susan is a true professional and gifted at hypnosis. After one session, I have a newfound control over my weaknesses and fears. A peaceful calm has replaced nervous, angry energy. I look forward to future sessions. I feel so fortunate to have found hypnosis, especially through the talents and knowledge of Susan.*


Virginia C.  I have been going to hypnotherapists since I was 9yrs old. New York, L.A., Atlanta, several different ones all over the nation. Susan Lawrence was like St Regis compared to the 20 others I had experienced... who were more like Motel 6 in comparison. She was professional, elegant, open, and had an ‘incredible experience’ formula from the moment you walk in, to the mint and cucumber sparkling water when you come out of your trance. I left and spent the entire day feeling like I had a flower in my chest that had bloomed as wide as it could. She’s like a psychological/spiritual/emotional Spa. What an incredible feeling...*


Danielle H.  I have to tell you that I had one of the most peaceful days after meeting with Sue. The small worries I had of not trusting in my own intuition cleared right up and it's almost like this invisible weight of what's ahead vanished. I know that there's nothing forward from here that won't be supported and guided in the right direction. I can't thank Sue enough for using her gifts to help me find and anchor my gifts. I haven't felt this much peace so quickly in a long time and my two best friends are making appointments for after New Years when I told them about our session as we speak. I will definitely be going back a time or two before I make my move out west. She has a beautiful house and the energy in there is very similar to the energy in my house which I loved.  Thank you again!*


Gee M.   Just thought you might like an update on how things have been after my visit to you at Thanksgiving.  I feel I am a different person since my visit. I experienced things I don’t quite understand but all positive. I had two nights at Boca before I left for England after I saw you. I had two nights of wonderful sleep, better than I have had in 25 years. I even slept on the plane for three hours which has never happened before. Since being home, I have had better sleep, more hours than before but I am now waking up again very early, but the big difference is that I am feeling far less stressed than I have ever felt I think, in my life.  I am feeling very laid back and taking things in my stride which has never been the case.I have more energy and able to concentrate better. I have been almost evangelical and shared my experiences with some of my friends. Some of them wondered if you had any colleagues in the London area that they could visit, one for would you believe, gluttony and others for stress!*  (Note: I do Skype Sessions)


Valeria A.  I wanted to give you an update of how things are going on this side after my session. Regarding my sleeping issues, I've been sleeping all night long. I didn't tell you during the session but for a few years I've had a constant pain in my left arm and chest, I wasn't able to lift my arm half way up and now I can reach almost as high as with my right arm. The pain is almost gone. So thank you very much.*


Linda V.   Just wanted to let you know how well our session worked for me.i have lost 5 lbs. already and have barely touched any kind of dessert or sugar. I did make your great chocolate recipe, but not much more than that.So many thanks. Have been listening to the session, in and off. I have much more to work on, so will see you st some point.  So all good. Many thanks. *


John H.   Hi Susan. I want to thank you for helping me clear my body and brain of all my demons! Every day SOMETHING comes up... Ex-wife law suit, customer letting me go, driving a limo to Miami Airport and Noone there.... Etc. Each and every time I was able to handle the"pressure" without getting shaky. What a wonderful feeling. Thank you again.*


Helena F      Amazing experience thank you . big hug*


Moreen F     Very professional, kind and understanding.*


Robert P.     Amazing experience with Susan! As I continue to process the experience I had with her, I am inspired by the enlightened journey ahead. Seeking help with fears, anxiety & debilitating phobia(s), I was surprised by the release of an attachment I knowingly had for decades leaving me with a unique sense of peace. I'm looking forward to continuing this path and diving in deeper. Susan was very thorough in her explanation of the process and made it easy to understand. I strongly recommend her. *


Naomi I.    I approached hypnosis with both excitement and terror. I had no idea what to expect. Susan made me feel safe and encouraged. My session was spiritual and cathartic.* 


Dr. Monty H.     There is no doubt Susan Lawrence knows her field of endeavor. Her skills as a past life regression expert are obvious in the way she carried out the process. By first asking questions as to what is expected during the session, she gained insight as to the person and to expectations. She is highly recommended for anyone interested in hypnotherapy and/or past life regression. *


Lauren P.     Susan has great energy and is very comforting. My session with her was very interesting and extremely helpful. She really helped me in areas I had concern. Thank you! :) *


Caroline O.   Susan is absolutely amazing. I went to her with anxiety and uncertainty, after just 90 minutes I felt like a new person...hard to believe but true. Her voice was calming and her mannerisms were welcoming, she made me feel at peace and open to deep self-exploration. I could not recommend Susan any more highly...she is great! *


Nicole G.    I went to Susan as a last resort for my anxiety and hypochondriac ways. I left her session feeling enlightened, relaxed, and with confidence that I can overcome everything I'm feeling. I strongly recommend Susan.*


Katrina F.   My hypnosis experience was therapeutic, emotional, and revealing. I came to Susan with some very unpleasant Anxiety symptoms (heart palpitations, tingles, muscle tightness, twitches, and pinches), and a Driving Phobia. I had never been hypnotized before and was concerned I wouldn't be able to achieve a hypnotic state. Susan explained the process, and with her soothing voice guiding me, I slowly drifted under, letting my subconscious mind lead me to memories I didn't realize were still causing me distress. I was able to release many of these negative emotions, and even "felt" my grandfather’s presence, assuring me everything would be all right. I'm happy to say this session (along with meditation, yoga, exercise, and a healthy diet) is helping me to get my Anxiety under control, slowly but surely. As I'm learning, spirituality and mindfulness are vital when overcoming any type of mental health disorder. I would recommend Susan to anyone in search of healing or answers, and look forward to future sessions with her*. 


Diane S.     Susan has helped for me to clear myself from the inside I always feel so much happier and loving after my session Susan is wonderful at what she does! *


Lisa J.  I have never tried a session like this before, and I am very grateful for the experience. It relaxes you to the point where you can't help but be honest with yourself. Working with Susan certainly helped me recognize some of the sources of my beliefs and habits. Susan did a wonderful job and I will definitely be working with her again.*


Juan G.  My visit with you has increased my sensitivity to everything. Going home I was energized and felt like everyone was speaking to me, sending messages. I have a greater sense of things around me. You showed me how to listen now and I'm working on my visualization techniques during meditation. I feel better and have a greater idea of what direction to go. It was a great experience. Thank You *


Jaime D.    Susan has been working with me for 2.5 years. I have had many concerns. Anxiety, poor self esteem and relationship building were three topics we worked on. Susan was instrumental in working with me to resolve these issues. I am so happy to have found Susan and recommend her to anyone that needs help that can be impacted by the mind or spirit.*


Daniel M.  I really enjoyed my session with you. It was a comfortable and enlightening experience. I look forward to more sessions and I am confident that I will attain the freedom I desire. The comfort ability of the environment and the non-judgmental perspective makes it very easy to talk and in doing so, helps with taking in the information. I thank you for that.*


Susan G.    After getting me all comfy-cozy, with a snuggly blanket and an eye mask, she verbally led me through an incredible journey that culminated with the best feeling of stress-free relaxation and peacefulness that I have ever experienced. She addressed my issues and helped me to resolve them. It was wonderful!* 


Catherine C.  I felt very at easy in Susan's office. It was a great experience and can't wait to return.*


Helen H.  Susan is very warm and welcoming.The session was helpful. I was able to recognize were may behavior stemmed from. Great session.*


Susan R.    Susan is really talented and blessed. I am so happy to have found her and to have the amazing experiences -- always leaving me happier and more at peace than when I walked into each session*.


Marien S.    Thank you for being the vehicle to help me achieve the healing I was aching for. Now I move forward with full trust of myself and all that is. Namaste* 


Sitara L.     I always leave the session feeling liberated. My confidence has increased and fear has decreased significantly.I am able to concentrate better throughout the day and it has helped with allowing me to sleep much better at night.I think it's a great experience for everyone to be able to get rid of a lot of stress and unnecessary negative energy.*


Elise S.      Susan has acted as my coach through a very difficult decision in my life. It's been so interesting to uncover so many aspects of myself, that I now have the tools to heal and move ahead. With the many techniques Susan has mastered, she can access areas that would otherwise be unreachable through traditional therapy. It is an ongoing process without limits, depending on how far you want to go!*


Terri S.   Thank You, Sue! I have told many friends about the experience. I think anyone and everyone would benefit. I am going again It is very healing and comforting.* 

Terri S.


John L.    Susan provides an amazing hypnotherapy experience. Susan has a unique ability to create high levels of a hypnotic state, very deep relaxation, to maximize the effectiveness of the natural healing process. Susan combines a strong personalization of the process with innovative methodologies to maximize the quality of the experience on an individualized basis.  I highly recommend Susan and will be booking again with her soon.*


Sean K.   I highly recommend Susan for hypnotherapy services. Susan made the experience amazing. Susan has a gift for assisting her clients in achieving a deep and blissful hypnotic state, while facilitating exceptional healing at all levels. I have recommended Susan to others, will continue to do so, and will be going back again soon myself. Susan has a true gift of helping you achieve a wonderful hypnotic state where great healing commences. If you haven't tried hypnosis I recommend that you do so with Susan. The experience alone is like lifting heavy weights of stress off of your body and mind. I've been many times, referred others, and will go back again. Thanks Susan.Thanks Susan!*


Genise H.    It's amazing how effective and quickly I experienced a change after my hypnotherapy session. It was Very productive and exceeded my expectations. I've gone two times now and plan to attend another session.*



Jaime D.     Great experience. Very comforting and relaxing. I recommend Get Joyful to everyone regardless of your need. Susan can help you put things in perspective and get to where you want to be.*



Susan F.     I have worked with Sue on many occasions and have always had an amazing experience being hypnotized by her. She was extremely helpful to me while I was in the hospital with a very severe illness. We had hypno herapy sessions over the phone and they were instrumental with moving through my fear and anxiety to see that I would reach the recovery that I'm experiencing today. Sue is a caring, intuitive hypnotherapist!*



Connie F.     Freedom from Past hurts was a result that I didn't even know was there!...A lighter heart and a newfound feeling of compassion and forgiveness spontaneously emerged from within. Also, I had the direct experience of being my True Self, without the heaviness, within. I have had several consults with Susan and they were absolutely life changing for me! One consult unexpectedly guided me to fully healing 3 deep hurts from my past, one of which I didn't even realize I still needed to heal! A freedom from an underlying sorrow and resentment occurred judgment and fear of my ego's awareness! The veil of the ego, as I call it, was lifted and I experienced from the awareness of my Soul! It was absolutely liberating and from this direct experience, I understand what the mind alone could never understand...our true state of experience without the ego's identity. This was truly life changing for me! Susan's hypnotherapy goes way beyond just "standard hypnotherapy", she is a truly gifted healer. One session with her can reveal and heal what years of therapy or other healing methods may not even recognize to begin with! I would recommend her to anyone.*


Elizabeth H.   I can only say that I had a wonderful and powerful experience and all thanks to Susan Lawrence and her amazing gift.*


Rachel C.    We get used to scheduling body treatments but how do we take care of our soul?  Receiving spiritual guidance & working on my spiritual grow has become part of my wellness plan. I have been visiting Susan on a weekly basis for the last 5 months and have experienced great improvement in my mental and physical state. My distractive negative thoughts which I held for many years have been transformed to positive. Hypnotherapy helped me to discover my true potential, heal old wounds, enjoy the present moment and look forward to my future.I highly recommend Susan for her professionalism, warmness, kindness, pure and loving spirit.*


Geri R.    I scheduled an appointment with Susan to see if she could help me with my grief over the loss of my husband of 38 years. After months of coping as well as could be expected, I began to sink deeper into depression. I felt like I had questions I needed answered and they were hindering my ability to move forward. Susan led me to the Akashic records. It was there with her guidance, that I was able to see my husband and get the answers that were haunting me. Although the view of him seemed veiled, I knew with all my heart that it was him. At first we hugged so tightly which was as real as any hug I’ve ever felt. I asked my questions and he answered. It was bittersweet leaving him again, but I left with my answers, and the goodbye we never had, easing my mind to know he was no longer suffering in the physical pain he left this life with. Susan gave hypnotic suggestions that my grief would be eased and my physical ailments would heal. I have to say, the next morning I woke up amazed that for the first time in 8 months that I still felt the grief of his loss, but the intensity of the pain I had from the grief and the physical ailments was diminished. I felt a peace that I have not felt since he passed. A day later that peace is still with me. I am hopeful to be able to schedule future appointments with Susan. She helped me to accomplish more in one session that months of counseling have not.*


Claire B.      I was nervous heading into my first professional hypnosis session. Sue immediately put me at ease with her kindness and laid back personality. She took time to get to know me and explain the process. The session was so relaxing and provided unexpected insights. I'm so glad I found Sue to help me on my inward journey!*


Bill W. "When I first found Susan I was struggling with some personal bad habits and tendencies that were holding me back from growing emotionally and spiritually.  I felt very "stuck" in life.  Through Susan's expert guidance, I have been able to see these issues for what they truly are and transcend them.   After my first session with Susan she recommended we explore the Akashic records.  I had never heard of the Akashic records but was open to trying them out.  With Susan's expert guideance we journedyed into the Akashic records.  Wow! It is hard to find words to describe what an experience it was. Incredible, surreal, vibrant, emotional, fulfilling, no one word or words can really fully explain what I experienced.  I'm not one prone to exaggeration. To put it simply, this experience has transformed my life.  After only two sessions with Susan I am totally free from the weight of these issues and am experiencing a new state of peace and clarity.  I am eternally grateful for meeting Susan and look forward to many more journeys into the Akashic records with her as my guide." * 


Gina T. "I truly was a hidden skeptic, because I have such a deep rooted religious background, but when you explained everything it seemed more normal then what I've heard in the past and I just let go.  I'm happy I did and excited to continue on this journey!"*


Marcy D. "I am writing daily now and have 25 pages now. You are brilliant at what you do and you deserve your success." 


Christina N.“Very powerful!”*


Mark J. “I haven't smoked in three weeks! Thank you, Susan"*


Ellen K. “Susan was wonderful. A great experience.”*


Jessica J. “This was a great experience and can't wait to see her again.”*


Pelin K.“Inspiring...she is wonderful”*


Alana R. “Susan is amazing!”*


Susan B. “It was an excellent experience.”*


Tonya J. “Wonderful experience!”*


Dee T. “Sue is terrific; passionate about her business, committed to your success, 

and a lovely, warm lady. Highly recommend her !!!”*


Sandra G. "Great experience all around. Sue is warm, professional and wonderful. not only will I be returning, I have passed her phone# to 3 people already!"*


Patrice G. "Susan is wonderful!! It was a great experience and I look forward to going back next month. I have already recommended her to friends!!"*


Diana V. “I feel so much better now. I feel that the pain I had in my heart and in my mind was lifted, now my heart and mind are fee.  I have not had any more nightmares with dark holes or dark places, I have enjoyed my sleep again! I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel free, free and Susan helped me get there. How can I thank her for that??? Thanks for taking the time to listen to the things that were disturbing me.  Thanks for setting those feelings free, for lifting that weight!!!!” *


Rachel S. "One thing that I feel is important about Susan’s service is that she doesn't just do the hypnotherapy but she also provides counseling and coaching services that are objective.  Sometimes our family and friends may not always be the best source of inspiration or can be judging about what we want to achieve.Thanks again Susan for all of your support, in fact today I am feeling more inspired to get the creative juices going!” 




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