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Patient in hypnotherapy session

First-Time Client -30 Minutes Free -   90 Minute Session                      $175

First-time clients benefit from a 90-minute session to give us ample time to get comfortable with each other and be able to fully discuss the issues you would like to work on.  During this first session, we will discuss a plan of action to help you move toward success and find happiness.  After explaining how hypnosis works, why it works, how it feels, and answer all of your questions, we will proceed with a hypnosis session.  Hypnosis is helpful for improving motivation, self-love and confidence.  We can work on relieving stress and anxiety, removing or understanding fears and sadness.  This session may lead into a childhood regression or a past life regression (if you believe in it) as your subconscious mind knows where the answers lie.  Please understand that there are no guarantees as each individual experiences hypnosis in their own way.  Subsequent 60-minute session will be designed to continue guiding you carefully through the process of releasing negative emotions and experiencing the fullness of life!

Man in hypnotherapy session

General Clinical Hypnotherapy    60 Minute Session                              $175

This 60-minute hypnosis session to designed to release any limiting beliefs which are holding you back from enjoying life.  Whether it is to improve motivation, relieve anxiety, stress, fears, guilt, grief, sadness, and weight loss, this is the session for you. What's going on in your life that’s weighing you down? Are you carrying a protective shield? What beliefs are you holding which limit your success at weight loss, career, relationships or happiness? Perhaps it's time to honor your suppressed emotional pain and fear. These can be hidden deep in your subconscious warehouse of memories.  Once they are recognized they can be transformed to allow you to release them once and for all and give you the power to enjoy your life.

cigarette butt

Smoking Cessation Package   3 Sessions                                               $525

Congratulations on your desire to quit smoking! This is the first step toward better health. Deep inside, you know that you’ll be healthier and happier when you kick the habit. But perhaps you have doubts. Can you really quit smoking, once and for all? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” By accessing your subconscious mind, you can control the addiction and take back your life!nThis is an investment in yourself and your health. If you are not serious about quitting smoking then please do not contact me!  I am only interested in helping people who are serious about quitting.  With the money you save, you can use it to celebrate your success! The complete 3-session Quit Smoking program offers one 90-minute session and two 60-minute sessions.  Choose the Smoking Cessation Package and I will add the free 30 minutes onto your first session.

The Following Sessions are done in either the
First Time Client Session or the Return Client Session depending on your needs and desires.

woman in hypnosis interview

NLP Life Coaching                                         


Many times people feel stuck, immobile, or can't move forward to achieve their goal or simply find happiness.  They may be stuck in an unhappy job, unhealthy relationship, or simply feel they are not on their life's path. Often clients come to me who have everything they have ever wanted in their life, yet still feel unhappy. By using a range of specialized modalities, I am able to help clients shift their perspectives and thereby discover different approaches to achieve their goals. In this session, the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) is used to visualize and transform  your mental and emotional behavior.  You will learn specific skills and patterns necessary to make positive changes, create new choices, be more effective with others, break free of old habits, self-destructive patterns, and behaviors, and think more clearly about what it is you want and how to get it. Although visualization will be used, there is no hypnosis used during this session.  

Past life regression photos

Past Life Regression  


It is easy to transform your life once you are aware of what suppressed emotional pain or fear is holding you back from experiencing the joy, fulfillment, and happiness you were meant to have. Many times distress comes from memories that we have suppressed and pushed far into the back of our minds. In a deep hypnotic state, it is easy to uncover extraordinary details about your childhood that are hidden from your conscious mind. Deeper exploration may find you have had the same issues in prior lifetimes.  When we do not face our pain and fears, we actually attract more of the same into our lives.  It's time to stop this revolving door by releasing old phobias and fears from prior lifetimes. You may discover and understand your soul relationships which existed in other times or places.  Please note that there is no way to guarantee a past life regression as each individual experiences a different level of trance state. Choose the First-Time or General Hypnosis Option

cloud angel

Spiritual Hypnotherapy


This deep hypnotic session invites you to step into your Universal Self by activating your superconscious mind.  Talk with your Higher Self to understand any issues within your body and understand what you can do to relieve your emotional or physical pain.  Travel to the Hall of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Here your personal guide will point the way to your individual book containing all of your lives.  When you ask a question, the book will allow you to experience the answers. It may take you to a past life or show you future possibilities. Then prepare for a journey of superconscious exploration that will empower you to discover how vast and powerful you truly are. Become consciously aware that you are connected to the oneness of all there is. Experience the essence of the love that you are by communicating with Angels, God, Jesus, Buddha and others as they offer you messages, gifts, and/or healing. Choose the General Hypnosis option.

person on zoom

Online Hypnosis Session 

Although I would like to see you in person, you can enjoy any of the above sessions from the comfort of your own home.  If this is your first time and you would like to experience Hypnosis or Life Coaching online, please plan to be in a quiet place where no one can hear you and you will not be interrupted. Also, please have your computer or phone set up so you can lie down and I can see your face. Do not place the phone or computer on your body or on the bed. Also, you will need an eye mask. You will receive a link in your email immediately after you schedule your appointment.

home hospital visit

Nursing Home/ Hospital Visit Session - 90-Minute Session  $300          

Choose this option if you or a loved one is unable to travel to see me.  I often visit with clients in nursing homes and hospitals to help them in any way I can.  Simply schedule an appointment time and write me a note including their details such at their name, phone number, email, and address.  A travel fee for up to 20 miles from my office is included.  If it is further than 20 miles, please contact me.

microphone for recording session

Recording of Session                                                                                   $10


Add a professionally recording of your session which will be emailed directly to you. 

Disclaimer: *Please note that results may vary person to person. Some therapies take longer than others.

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