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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session
Spiritual Hypnotherapy 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all the answers. Some people call this the Higher Self, the Over Soul, the Super Conscious. With QHHT®, clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are — and to ultimately create change within themselves.


Enjoy the benefits of a Divine State of Mind® Hypnosis Sessions to:


  • Meet your soul and experience true spiritual awakening

  • Release guilt, grief or worry. Hug your deceased loved ones

  • Connect with the consciousness of your cells to discover what is going on inside your body

  • Dissolve away your hidden emotional pain and fear

  • Stroll through the Akashic records and discover your life's purpose

  • Gain understanding of your karmic relationships with others

  • Experience the oneness of all and connect to our heavenly Father

  • Schedule now to experience your Divine State of Mind® and embark on a relaxing adventure to your inner world to experience your higher self!

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon

Discover How You Can Communicate with the Divine
    For Miraculous Emotional and Physical Healing


Could the Divine State of Mind® Hypnosis Technique be your gateway to communicate with the spirit world?

Is it possible to converse with your angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones while in a hypnotic state?


Enjoy a remarkable journey to discover your soul's purpose and find specific answers to your questions.


This deep hypnotic session invites you to step into your Universal Self by activating your superconscious mind. Converse with your Higher Self to understand any issues within your body. Find out what you can do to relieve emotional pain. Travel to the Hall of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Here your personal guide will point the way to your personal book containing the details of your lives. Ask a question and experience the answers.  Prepare for a journey of conscious exploration that will empower you to discover how vast and powerful you truly are. Become consciously aware that you are connected to the oneness of all there is. Experience the essence of love that you are. Affirm your relationship with God, Jesus, Buddha or other Masters as they offer you messages, gifts, or healings.


Fearlessly dive into the recesses of your infinite mind to uncover the limiting beliefs and discoveries to transform your life forever!



Schedule TODAY for an amazing journey into your super-conscious mind

and the deep awareness of your soul.


Messages and miraculous healing are available to you – NOW!*

Disclaimer: *Please note that results may vary person to person. Some therapies take longer than others.

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