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Here are just a few issues that I can help you with

Fear of __(anything)__

Anxiety, Phobias,

Childhood drama

Insecurity, Not good enough,

Abused, Raped, Molested

Anger Management



Grief, Coping with loss

School phobia, test taking, anxiety

Removing Habits of all kinds


Weight control, loss, gain

Addictions: Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, or

                    Gambling, porn -you name it

Sleep issues

Past Life Progression

Future Life Progression

Relationship Issues

Sexual Issues

Sports Improvement

Weight Loss or Gain

Compulsive Spending

Hair pulling


Smoking Cessation

Sugar Addiction

Anger Management

Public Speaking

Stop Self Harming/cutting

Dealing with Bosses/Employees

Successful Interviews


Finding Lost Objects

Losing a Pet

Separation Anxiety


Getting ready to cross over


Psychic & Paranormal

Spiritual Awakening

Divine Healing with Angels

Messages from the Divine

Akashic Records - Read your book of life

Connecting with Departed Loved Ones

Connecting with Departed Pets

Remove Negative Energy & Beliefs

Inner Child healing

Finding the root cause of your issue & releasing it

Letting go of hurt and pain

Releasing illness




Lack of Joy in your life

Feeling defeated

Life Coaching

NLP - Neurological Programming

There is so much more, the list is endless.

Call me for a quick consultation.




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