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Get Joyful Today Hypnotherapy

& NLP Life Coaching

  Specializing in Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy  

  The Most Powerful and Transformational Tool Ever!

 ~Powerful~ Effective~ Safe~ 

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Susan Lawrence and her dog Buddy

  Meet Susan Lawrence, CHHt.  

 Are stress, anxiety, and fears holding you back from living your best life? Get Joyful Hypnotherapy is here to help you break free from these limitations. Our highly effective hypnotherapy sessions tap into the subconscious mind, allowing you to release stress, anxiety, fears and unwanted behaviors with ease.

Maximize Your Human Potential 

Welcome to Get Joyful Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching! Susan Lawrence, CCht is a highly experienced and certified & spiritual hypnotherapist and NLP life coach. She will help you tap into your body's inner wisdom and maximize your human potential. Together, let's explore hypnotherapy and discover a more joy-filled life


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Dolores Cannon
QHHT certification

Certified by
Dolores Cannon, QHHT

As  a level two QHHT practitioner, I use QHHT hypnotherapy to help my patients access the underlying causes of their emotional, mental, and physical ailments. I am passionate about helping my clients feel empowered and gain control over their lives so they can live their best life.  The QHHT sessions help my clients achieve emotional healing, reclaim joy and live the life they desire. My goal is to assist people in discovering their true potential and to enable them to live a life they love. Let QHHT be your answer!

QHHT - Quantum Healing
Hypnosis Technique

Best of professional services award 2020

Certified By Dr. Brian Weiss

Experience a remarkable transformation with Get Joyful Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching - a pioneering hypnotherapy practice specializing in stress anxiety, past life regressions, childhood healing, quitting smoking, weight management, relationships, fears and phobias, Spiritual and Akashic, improving confidence, sleep changes unwanted habits, grief, and guilt.

Dr. Brian Weiss and Susan Lawrence

What Can I Help

You With?

Stress, Anxiety

Fear of __(anything)__


Childhood drama

Insecurity, Not good enough,

Abused, Raped, Molested

Anger Management



Grief, Coping with loss

School phobia, test taking, 

Removing Habits of all kinds


Weight control, loss, gain

Addictions: Drugs, Alcohol,

Smoking, or Gambling,

porn -you name it

Past Life Progression

Future Life Progression

Relationship Issues

Sexual Issues

Sports Improvement

Weight Loss or Gain

Compulsive Spending

Hair pulling


Smoking Cessation

Sugar Addiction

Anger Management

Public Speaking

Stop Self Harming/cutting

Dealing with Bosses

Successful Interviews


Finding Lost Objects

Losing a Pet

Separation Anxiety


Getting ready to cross over

Psychic & Paranormal

Spiritual Awakening

Divine Healing with Angels

Messages from the Divine

Akashic Records-Your book of life

Connecting w/ Departed Pets and

Loved Ones

Remove Negative Energy & Beliefs

Inner Child healing

Finding the root cause of issues & releasing it

Letting go of hurt and pain

Releasing illness




Lack of Joy in your life

Feeling defeated

Life Coaching

NLP - Neurological Programming

There is so much more, 

Call me for a quick consultation.

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July 11, 2018

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'I always seem to run into fascinating people dedicated to health and wellbeing in South Florida. If you’ve been following my adventures, you already know there is much to do here to be well. But very recently, something strange happened. " MORE